We are the new guild of a new fun game from PWE. Legend of Martial Arts or L.O.M.A. for short if you will. Our aim in the game is to become a powerful guild, but not at the expense of everyone in the game hating us. We are a drama free guild, fun based,
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 Rules of the MYTHING Alliance!

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PostSubject: Rules of the MYTHING Alliance!   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:06 pm

Not many rules here. However all Successfukl Alliances need Rules! If you do not agree please leave now for we are here to be the best. Not to be held back by someone.

1) NO DRAMA! It is highly untolerated to have Drama in MYTHING. we are here to have fun not to fight with eachother.

2)Keep it clean! No one likes a pixel whore! that means immature nasty talking is NOT TOLERATED in MYTHING!!!!

3) All sorts of people play this game, people from around the world too. YOU WILL NOT MAKE FUN OF OR HARASS SOMEONE CAUSE THIER COLOR, NATIONALITY, OR BELIEFS. We are not racists here in MYTHING and will not allow any racism in our guild.

4) EJOY THE GAME! Please have a ton of fun in the game. If you are having problems we have a few guides not many yet but some. They are under Help section. Anything thats not there you can ask me in-game. I am NightDream!

See i told you not many rules. They are simple to follow. If you can not follow these rules i will take the pleasure myself to remove you from these forums and from our alliance. Our aim here is to have fun with the game and beat the living s**t out of it! afro
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Rules of the MYTHING Alliance!
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