We are the new guild of a new fun game from PWE. Legend of Martial Arts or L.O.M.A. for short if you will. Our aim in the game is to become a powerful guild, but not at the expense of everyone in the game hating us. We are a drama free guild, fun based,
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 Forum Rules Please Follow!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Please Follow!    Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:10 pm

1) No Drama! yes still in forums i want absolutely no drama. if there is your removed that fast ty have a nice day!

2) No Racism or harrassing, or belittleing of any of your guildmates. I guess this falls under rule 1 also but w/e Razz

3) Keep The Forums Clean. This means i would like for you to post only where its suggested. Need Help post under help. Wanna make a funny post or something random post in General. It's not that hard now is it? xD

4) Do you want to post random Funny Pictures? I have a spot for it use it. Razz

Thank you all for reading these rules and accepting them. Hopefully we will grow to be a great family in game and have fun playing other games together too Razz Suspect
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Forum Rules Please Follow!
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